Green and challenging ...

Natural outdoor spaces in the heart of Rotterdam, where the supply of nature is scarce, Small Kidz has two green outdoor spaces (patios) where there is room for nature experience, creativity, play and movement and tranquility. Playing in a natural environment benefits the creative and educational development of children.

Nature experience

There is a balance between feeling safe in this familiar place and the exciting adventure. Green nature is do-nature for young children: there are secret places or "tents" that can serve as a house or fortress to be defended. You can pick flowers there; digging in the ground; feel the sand slide through your fingers; build with branches; experience big or small adventures with water; get nice and dirty! In short: there is room for all kinds of game options in a natural-looking environment. Nature invites children to activities, to feel and experience.

Play and exercise outside

There is plenty of open space for running or cycling. Climbing on the tree trunks or stone walls offers the children sufficient physical challenge.
A "hill" of 10cm high is a lot for a toddler to crawl up against. And if you can just walk, it is very exciting to talk about bumpy vowels walk. There are many balancing walls that you can walk or climb over, but also sit on. Everyone can play with it at his own level. Nature invites children to activities, to feel and experience.


Creativity in nature

By creating structure in nature, children learn to play creatively. They invent, for example, paths that run along the bushes or houses where they can play in. This stimulates and stimulates their fantasy. Loose material such as sand, water, stones, shells, straw and twigs are essential in this. This makes the environment changeable and impressionable and they can come up with new game forms themselves. The messier the site looks in adult eyes the better it is for the kids.

Rest in our garden

Children who want to relax for a while have also been taken into account; want to get away from all the hustle and bustle and find their own place where that is possible is. The babies also have their own place where they can lie safely and sheltered. It has been found that children can sleep well outside, especially the difficult sleepers benefit from this.